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Investor-Friendly Policies in Dholera : CM Gujarat

Investor-Friendly Policies in Dholera

Gujarat, known as the “Gateway to the Future,” has once again taken the center stage as Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel underscored the state’s pivotal role in fostering new industries, advancing technology, and generating employment opportunities during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit (VGGS) 2024 curtain-raising event held in New Delhi. With the upcoming 10th VGGS scheduled for January 2024, Gujarat aims to boost Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a developed India by 2047. At the heart of this vision is Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR), which has become a shining example of Gujarat’s investor-friendly policies and its commitment to driving economic growth.

Smart City DHOLERA

Dholera SIR: A Beacon of Development

Dholera SIR, situated approximately 100 kilometers from Ahmedabad, stands as a testament to Gujarat’s commitment to economic development. Spanning over 920 square kilometers, this massive greenfield industrial investment region is strategically located between major cities like Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, and Vadodara. What sets Dholera apart is not just its sheer size but its well-thought-out infrastructure, transparent policies, and business-friendly environment.

Transformative Projects Shaping Emerging Sectors for Investor-Friendly Policies in Dholera

As Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel highlighted during the VGGS event, Dholera SIR is at the forefront of projects that are shaping emerging sectors and contributing to India’s progress. Let’s delve into some key aspects of Dholera SIR:

1. Greenfield Industrial Investment Region


Dholera SIR is set to become India’s largest greenfield industrial investment region, offering businesses a blank canvas to establish their operations. The availability of large land parcels ensures that businesses have ample room for expansion and growth.

2. Smart City of the Future

Investor Friendly

Dholera isn’t just about industry; it’s also a smart city in the making. With a strong emphasis on sustainable urban development, Dholera aims to create a city that is technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and a hub for innovation.

3. Strategic Location

Dholera’s strategic location provides easy access to multiple ports and major cities, making it a logistical and transportation hub. This accessibility is a significant draw for businesses involved in trade and manufacturing.

4. Plug-and-Play Infrastructure

Investor-Friendly Policies

Investor-friendly policies in Dholera include plug-and-play infrastructure, which means that businesses can set up operations quickly and efficiently. This reduces the time and resources required to establish a presence in the region.

5. Government Support and Tax Incentives

Dholera benefits from the proactive support of the Gujarat state government. Investor-friendly policies include tax incentives, such as exemptions on goods and services tax (GST) and income tax, making it financially advantageous for businesses.

6. Focus on Sustainable Development

Dholera is committed to sustainable development, aligning with global trends. This commitment attracts environmentally conscious businesses and investors looking to adopt green practices.

The Dholera Success Story

The impact of Dholera’s investor-friendly policies is already evident. Several industries have set up operations in the region, including manufacturing, logistics, renewable energy, and technology. The development of the Dholera International Airport, which is poised to become one of India’s largest airports, is a testament to how these policies have translated into significant infrastructure projects.

In conclusion, Dholera SIR is more than just an industrial region; it’s a vision for the future. Gujarat’s investor-friendly policies, combined with Dholera’s strategic location and sustainable development approach, make it a compelling destination for businesses and investors. As Gujarat continues to attract investment and shape emerging sectors, Dholera stands as a beacon of development and a symbol of India’s ambitious vision for growth. If you’re an investor seeking opportunities in a thriving and investor-friendly environment, Dholera SIR should undoubtedly be on your radar. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative journey—explore Dholera and be part of its promising future today.

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